Sunday Worship at 10:00am
Sunday School at 11:15am from September to May

Summer schedule June 1 to Labor Day
Sunday Worship at 8:30am in the Pavilion
Along with 10:00am regular services in the sanctuary

Our Worship service is an expression of our “worth of the Lordship” of Jesus Christ in our lives.  At the close of the hour we should be excited to say, “now that the worship is over, let the service begin.”  We seek to encounter God in song and prayer, in the fellowship and in the Word.  We use a blend of traditional hymns along with contemporary music from our new Songs of Celebration.  Multi-media systems are used to enhance the worship experience and biblical understanding for the day.  We think we have found just the right balance between the rich heritage of our past along with current expressions of a new generation and culture for worshiping the Lord.

One of the highlights of the worship service is the Time for Our Children.  Pastor Phil takes on the challenge of speaking to them at their level and in their language and is often upstaged by their remarks and understanding.  It is always a treat to have them be an important part of the service.

Our choir provides anthems and service music that sets the mood and inspires our hearts to rejoice and to meditate.  No worship service would be complete without the heart singing to the Lord.

A chair lift is provided for those unable to navigate the steps; hearing assistant devices are available for those unable to catch all the words and a copy of the sermon is available for those who may want to read along or think about the message a little latter.

A fully functional nursery is available for those necessary trips to calm or redress a child, with a speaker in the room so you don’t miss a thing.  There is even some rocking chairs present for your convenience; just don’t get to comfortable and nod off!

We’d love to have you join us and become part of our family.  Baptisms and new members joining are a common service within the service with a personalized ritual written just for your occasion.  Come; make yourself known to an usher and to the pastor for a follow-up call and/or visit.  We’ll be looking for you.

Baptism is a very special occasion, either as a youth or adult making a profession of faith, or as a parent wanting to have their baby baptized and brought under the umbrella of the grace and love of God.  If you are wanting a baptism for yourself or your child, we would be glad to talk to you about the meaning and importance of this life event.  Membership in our church is not required, though membership in a church is necessary and at least one parent must be a baptized, professing Christian.

Often times, we as youth have joined the faith tradition of our family, only to discover in our adulthood, that we might want more or something different than what we were raised under, if we were raised in a faith tradition at all.  Baptism is a once in a lifetime experience, whether we were infants or adults ourselves.  So we honor your baptism from another faith tradition, and if you may be looking for another congregation to worship with, we invite you to join us and journey with us in a life of faith in Jesus Christ.

Give the Pastor a call at 570-287-4518 to discuss further your questions or desires for baptism for yourself or your child.  We would celebrate your decision to enter into a life of faith and help you on your way.

Membership Information
If you would like to become a member of the Forty Fort United Methodist Church, please give Pastor Phil a call, (570)-287-3840, for further details about joining.  If you have been baptized, or are a member of another faith tradition or would like to make a profession of faith we would be happy to talk to you about what it means to become a member of the United Methodist Church.

Confirmation Classes
If you are or have a youth that is 13 years of age or in the 7th grade and have a desire to join the church, Confirmation Classes are available in the winter-spring of the year in preparation for reception into full membership after Easter on or around Pentecost Sunday, (40 days after Easter).  Classes are formed when 2 or more youth have indicated an interest and promise to invest the time and energy to make a full-hearted commitment to the Lord and a desire to enter into the community of faith at Forty Fort UM Church.  It is a rich, fun and moving experience as one makes a commitment to Jesus Christ and desire to enter into the community of faith.  Call Pastor Phil or the church office at 570-287-3840 for more information.

Many people see our beautiful church from passing by and inquire about having a wedding here.  Once they come inside they are further enlightened upon see the beauty of the sanctuary and are convinced this would make a lovely setting for their wedding day.  We do have an attractive church, and welcome anyone who may like to have their wedding here, but there is more than just having a nice place for having a wedding.

We seek to provide a tasteful and worshipful experience for your wedding day.  It is, after all, a Service of Christian Marriage, customized to include all that you would want to do and remember for your wedding day, while acknowledging that we are in God’s house seeking His blessing along with the blessing of all who attend.

We ask that you call early in your plans, six to twelve months in advance is not too soon, as prime summer dates do fill up and conflicts do occur when some have waited too long before calling.

If you would like to schedule a wedding day or know more information about the costs and details of having a wedding, please call the Pastor at 570-287-4518.  He would be glad to talk to you and do all he can to help in the celebration of your special day.


If you would like to be a part of the service, read on…

Lay Readers – Liturgists
Each Sunday during Traditional Worship a lay person, or liturgist, assists the Pastor in the opening of the worship service.  It is our belief that all persons should witness about their faith and this is one avenue by which folks can participate.  Lay leadership and lay persons alike, the elderly and youth all take their turn at welcoming the congregants and leading in the worship service as provided in the Sunday bulletin.

There is a sign up sheet in the rear of the Sanctuary if you would like to help out.  If God has given you the gifts and graces for this worship ministry, all you need to do is sign up under the designated Sunday.  The readings are usually available at the church office no later than Wednesday.

Chancel Choir
Rehearsal is every Thursday at 7:30 PM.  No auditions are necessary, though it helps if you can carry a tune.  Our choir is a volunteer choir and through the capable gifts of our Choir director, Mr. Garry Grice and his wife, Wendy, we give of ourselves in this ministry to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.  If you desire to praise the Lord, do come and join us.  If you have any questions, please ask for Garry, or Pastor Phil.

Greeters – Ushers
We have a need for greeters, both as people come to worship and as they leave.  Entrance greeters offer a warm welcome, worship bulletins and assist with any questions that might arise.   We also always welcome those interested in becoming an usher.  To find out more about these ministries contact Mr. Harold Taylor.

Our young people bring the Light of Christ into our worship during the singing of our first hymn and lead the congregation at the close of the service in taking the Light out into the world.  This ministry is open to any young person in third grade or up, (who can reach the altar candles).  For information contact Pastor Phil.

Outside, Informal Pavilion Worship
From the first of June through Labor Day this Worship Service is held at 8:30 AM in the outside picnic pavilion in the rear of the church, Yeager Avenue side.  This is a casual, contemporary and uplifting worship experience.  Come as you are, enjoy the summer breeze, we’ll have a good time, and then off you go to enjoy the day.

Nursery School
The Forty Fort United Methodist Church is happy to offer a teaching-nursery school for 3 and 4 year olds for the community at large.  Our purpose is to prepare the children for Kindergarten, but we do much more than teach them their ABC’s.  We have numerous special programs throughout the school year.  Just recently we had eye exams given for everyone and two children were found to be in need of further attention by their family eye doctor.  Read more and see some pics elsewhere on our website.

For further information, please contact Mrs. Mary Ermel at 570-714-3155 or the church office at 570-287-3840.