Wedding Information


Many people see our beautiful church from passing by and inquire about having a wedding here.  Once they come inside they are further enlightened upon see the beauty of the sanctuary and are convinced this would make a lovely setting for their wedding day.  We do have an attractive church, and welcome anyone who may like to have their wedding here, but there is more than just having a nice place for having a wedding.

We seek to provide a tasteful and worshipful experience for your wedding day.  It is, after all, a Service of Christian Marriage, customized to include all that you would want to do and remember for your wedding day, while acknowledging that we are in God’s house seeking His blessing along with the blessing of all who attend.

We ask that you call early in your plans, six to twelve months in advance is not too soon, as prime summer dates do fill up and conflicts do occur when some have waited too long before calling.

If you would like to schedule a wedding day or know more information about the costs and details of having a wedding, please call the Pastor at 570-287-3840.  He would be glad to talk to you and do all he can to help in the celebration of your special day.