Membership Info

If you would like to become a member of the Forty Fort United Methodist Church, please give us a call for further details about joining.  If you have been baptized, or are a member of another faith tradition or would like to make a profession of faith we would be happy to talk to you about what it means to become a member of the United Methodist Church.

Our motto for years has been Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors – The People of the United Methodist Church.  That has stood as a description of who we are; that we have our arms are wide open to all others that they may feel welcomed and invited into our fellowship.  Lately it has also become a call to action to actively do what we say.  That is, may we not only seek to have but also help others to open their hearts to the love of God, to open their minds to better understand the Word of God and for ourselves to better open our churches to actively and enthusiastically welcome all comers who seek to have an encounter with God in worship and song and prayer and fellowship.

So come, join us, we would be glad to welcome you too.